Lawn Mower & Snow Blower Repair/Maintenance


As the seasons change, so will your lawn care needs. When you dust off your lawn mower after a long, cold winter, or excitedly uncover your snow blower in anticipation of the first snowfall, the first step on your yard work list needs to be a tune up. Bring your mower or blower in to the professionals at Richmond Hardware for a thorough once over and enjoy peace of mind that your equipment will be in perfect working order all season.

Lawn Mower Tune Ups

Bring your lawn mower in to Richmond Hardware for a professional tune up every spring, just as the new grass is peeking out amongst the dried leaves and debris of winter. First, we will change the oil and air filter in your mower. Next, we replace the spark plug. These preventative measures are like a yearly check up for your mower, allowing for the best fuel economy, longest engine life possible, reduced emissions and reduced future repair costs.

Snow Blower Tune Ups

The last thing you need is to be snowed in during a blizzard because your snow blower won’t start. Savvy homeowners know that an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Bring your snowblower to the staff of Richmond Hardware and rest assured that your winter snow removal will go smoothly. First, we check the belts and replace any that are worn out. An oil change and filter change are key to your snowblower running smoothly, so that’s the next step. Our technicians will check the spark plug, scraping bar and make certain that your snow blower will be running with optimum efficiency.

Call Richmond Hardware and Paint in Braintree today, or stop by to speak with one of our team members about our lawn mower and snow blower repair/tune up service.