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Our Top Picks for Milwaukee Power Tools


There are some brands out there that just stick with you. If you’ve ever worked with power tools – or even simply been in a hardware store – you’ve likely seen the signature red brand of Milwaukee. Milwaukee power tools, hand tools and accessories offer unrivaled performance, making them one of the most trusted leading brands in the industry. (more…)

4 Helpful Tips for Window Screen Repairs


Window screens aren’t meant to last forever. Especially if you have pets or kids, you know that rips and punctures to screens can happen! Luckily, window screen repairs are relatively easy and inexpensive to complete. Below, we’ve put together a few helpful tips if you decide to take on screen repairs yourself. (more…)

Pocket Guide: How to Stain a Deck


Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to get started on outdoor projects that let you take advantage of the beautiful weather and prepare your home for the season ahead! A big-ticket item on this list is staining your deck, which not only enhances its appearance but provides essential protection of the wood from the elements. It can take a bit of prep work and a few days of drying time, but learning how to stain a deck is a great tool for you to have to help your deck last longer…and look beautiful throughout. (more…)

Winter Supplies to Get Through a New England Cold-Front


It’s no secret that New England winters are not for the faint of heart. Frigid temperatures, icy sidewalks and days-long blizzards can make for a very long season if you’re not prepared. It brings to mind the old adage: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing.” This rings true for your winter supplies as well – by making sure you have the top-quality supplies you need to brave the weather, you can guarantee a smoother, easier (though no less cold!) winter season.

At Richmond Hardware, we have everything you need to be prepared this winter. Keep reading for our customer-favorite brands and must-have supplies for the chilly winter months! (more…)

Foolproof Interior Paint Colors for Every Room


Painting the rooms in your house is an easy, inexpensive way to freshen up your space. With so many paint colors to choose from, it can be tricky to know exactly which color should go in which room. Luckily, Richmond Hardware has you covered! We pride ourselves on being one of the best hardware & paint supplier in New England, which is why we offer both classic and modern paint colors from trusted brands like Benjamin Moore to breathe new life into every room of your home.

So, if you’ve got a weekend painting project coming up and still haven’t picked a color, don’t stress! Keep reading to learn about which Benjamin Moore color swatches you’ll want to pick up from Richmond Hardware. (more…)

Best DIY Applications for Custom Plexiglass

custom plexiglass greenhouse

Custom plexiglass is a truly innovative resource you can use to complete your projects. There are numerous benefits to utilizing plexiglass and seemingly endless ways it can be incorporated into daily applications as a cost-effective, durable and secure material. Here, the team at Richmond Hardware covers four of the best applications that you can use custom plexiglass for. (more…)

Top Picks: 5 Best Products at True Value Hardware Stores

Richmond Hardware Storefront

Richmond True Value Hardware supplies over 90,000 different items in stock, with many more available for special order. While many individuals come into our hardware store knowing exactly what they need, it can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t have a set plan to stick to. Although we stand by the quality of all the products we sell, we have rounded up a list of the best-selling products at True Value hardware stores. (more…)

Deck Staining 101: Your DIY Solution


Deck Staining 101The first step in staining your deck is to determine which look you want for your deck. Identify the type of wood that you have. If you have a hardwood, such as mahogany, a translucent stain allows the natural beauty of the wood to be accented by the stain. A pressure treated deck in good condition is enhanced with a semi-transparent allowing the grains to show. If your deck does not look the best due to aging, a semi-solid or solid would hide more imperfections and add more color. As a rule of thumb the more opaque the finish, the longer it will last but there is more of a chance for peeling. Especially if the necessary preparation is not done properly. Remember when choosing your desired opaqueness for your deck, it’s important to remember you can always change to a more opaque product, but you cannot choose a less opaque product unless you strip the deck first. (more…)

House Painting in Massachusetts: What You Need to DIY


House Painting MassachusettsWith the weather warming up and sun finally starting to shine through here in New England, you’ll undoubtedly be spending more time outdoors. If you’ve noticed some wear and tear in your outdoor living spaces, it might be time to do some painting and staining! Sure, there are plenty of services offering deck staining, pool finishing, and house painting in Massachusetts but why not save yourself some money and do it yourself?

The experts at Richmond Hardware, your local Braintree MA hardware store, are here to help! Below you’ll find information on everything you need to take on your beginning-of-summer exterior improvements: (more…)

Tips on How to Beat the Winter Blues in New England

How to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s that time of year when the winter blues really take hold and the cold snowy weather begins to wear on us New Englanders, even in the comfort of our own homes! Dry winter air, chilly drafts, and lack of sunlight can be a drag, but the good news is that by now we are past the half-way point and spring is just around the corner! The even better news? You can keep yourself comfortable and fend off the winter time blues right now with some help from Richmond Hardware, your local Braintree, Massachusetts hardware store. Keep reading to learn how to beat the winter blues! (more…)