Scotts 4-Step Lawn Care Program Benefits

scotts-4Step-headerThe secret to lush, green, uniform grass all spring and summer long is ensuring your lawn is receiving optimal nutrition and care. Scotts Lawn Care Program, available at our store, takes the guesswork out of having a fantastic looking lawn. The program consists of four easy steps which include a crabgrass preventer with lawn food, weed control with lawn food, lawn fertilizer, and a specialized lawn food for the spreading in the fall. Taking care of your lawn is easy with Scotts Lawn Care Program, here are 6 key benefits to this unique program:

  1. Prevents and kills weeds – The first two steps are applications of specialty lawn food. Step 1® Crabgrass Preventer Lawn Food is applied in the early spring when temperatures are still cool; February through April is best. This lawn food prevents against crabgrass before it germinates as well as 8 other common problem weeds. Step 2® Weed Control Plus Lawn Food is applied in the late spring, ideally between April and June, and kills many broadleaf weeds like dandelions. Be sure to wait 4-6 weeks between the first and second application steps.
  2. Builds thick, green lawns – Lawn food ensures a bright green grass color as well as a uniform turf. Scotts Lawn Care Program recommends applying Step 2® Weed Control Plus Lawn Food near Memorial Day on a calm day. For the best results apply on a damp lawn when rain is not forecasted for at least 24 hours. This application builds a thick, green turf and strengthens the grassroots.
  3. Protects against heat and drought – Once you’ve prepared your lawn and nourished it with lawn food it’s time to fertilize it which will protect and strengthen the grass in addition to keeping it green. Best applied between June and August, using Step® 3 Lawn Food with 2% Iron gives your lawn a mid-season boost.
  4. Protects lawn from burning – When your grass is nourished and healthy it’s less likely to burn and brown. Step® 3 of Scotts Lawn Care Program is guaranteed to protect your lawn from burning.
  5. It’s children and pet-friendly – Many times consumers are concerned that their lawn food and fertilizers aren’t safe for children or pets to be around. There is no need to worry, Scotts Lawn Care Program keeps your loved ones in mind and ensures its product is safe so that everyone can enjoy the yard this summer.
  6. Feeds and strengthens lawns – When you use Scotts simple 4-Step Lawn Care Program you are caring for your grass from the roots up. Using Step 4® Fall Lawn Food will help continue to protect the lush lawn you have created this year and keep it strong. This means that your healthy, green lawn this summer will be best prepared for an even better lawn next spring.

It’s no doubt why Scotts 4-Step Lawn Care Program is one of our most-requested annual lawn care plans. Not only does each step produce a beautiful lawn you can be truly proud of but the application is easy. When you take proper care of your lawn you create a yard that’s worthy of neighborhood cookouts, outdoor games with the family, and enjoyment for your pets.