Best DIY Applications for Custom Plexiglass

custom plexiglass greenhouse

Custom plexiglass is a truly innovative resource you can use to complete your projects. There are numerous benefits to utilizing plexiglass and seemingly endless ways it can be incorporated into daily applications as a cost-effective, durable and secure material. Here, the team at Richmond Hardware covers four of the best applications that you can use custom plexiglass for.

Differences Between Plastic, Acrylic, and Plexiglass

All materials are very similar indeed, but there are some major variations that differentiate them from each other.

Plastic is just a general term for a large group of materials consisting mainly of polymers and divided into two groups: thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. The difference between these groups is that thermoplastics can be melted down and reused, while thermosetting polymers cannot be melted down (at least, not without the chemical structure getting ruined).

Acrylic falls into the thermoplastics category, and is also commonly known as PMMA – it was actually created accidentally when the founder of a plastics company found that instead of developing a lamination between glass plates, he developed totally unique material. He patented this under the name Plexiglas®. So, what is commonly known today as “plexiglass” is actually just a type of acrylic!

Advantages of Custom Plexiglass

There are numerous benefits to custom plexiglass, including but not limited to:

  • Ease of use and installation
  • Strength and durability
  • Light transmission
  • Low cost
  • Easy to cut and mold
  • Variety of finishes

Plexiglass is truly ideal for DIY projects and home improvement because it’s so affordable and user-friendly. As an economically conservative alternative to glass, the cost-savings alone are truly remarkable in addition to the other varying advantages.

Best Applications for Custom Plexiglass


custom plexiglass windows

Plexiglass is becoming increasingly more popular with homeowners and businesses alike due to its security, being nearly shatter-resistant and offering more protection than you get with tempered glass but with a nearly identical look. The durability it provides against glass makes it more likely to survive challenging weather. It’s also highly thermal, so the insulation provided can actually help to improve the efficiency of your home or office!

Solar Panels

Plexiglass is preferred when constructing solar panels because it holds up much better in harsh weather conditions and is much more sturdy and shatter-resistant compared to glass. Plexiglass still allows 90% of light to pass through it so you’re not losing out on any energy from the solar cells. Plus, because it’s so customizable, you can easily form and cut plexiglass as needed to fit your solar panel or space accordingly.


Greenhouses are an ideal application for plexiglass use because it possesses three of the most significant properties needed for a successful greenhouse operation: clear light transmission, protection against challenging weather, and insulation. Take into consideration the low cost and durability, and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive DIY project waiting to happen!

Home Decor

This may be an obvious one, but plexiglass is versatile enough to be used across every room in your home for a variety of projects. Easy home projects to use this material for could include:

  • Wall shelving
  • Coffee tables
  • Picture frames
  • Cabinet panels
  • Home office storage

There are endless ways to incorporate plexiglass into your home, whether it be an item you purchase or if you do-it-yourself. Use the flexibility of this material to get creative!

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