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Deck Staining 101: Your DIY Solution

The first step in staining your deck is to determine which look you want for your deck. Identify the type of wood that you have. If you have a hardwood, such as mahogany, a translucent stain allows the natural beauty of the wood to be accented by the stain. A pressure treated deck in good… Read more »

Stock Up On Swimming Pool Supplies For The Season

It’s warming up nicely here in Braintree, Massachusetts and it’s almost time to open up your pool for the season. Come visit our store and purchase all the swimming pool supplies you’ll need this summer to keep your pool clean and safe for your family. If you’re a first-time pool owner and you’re not sure… Read more »

Scotts 4-Step Lawn Care Program Benefits

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The secret to lush, green, uniform grass all spring and summer long is ensuring your lawn is receiving optimal nutrition and care. Scotts Lawn Care Program, available at our store, takes the guesswork out of having a fantastic looking lawn. The program consists of four easy steps which include a crabgrass preventer with lawn food,… Read more »

Lawn Care Tips For Greener Grass and Healthier Soil

Do you want the best lawn results you’ve ever had? Take some lawn care tips from Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan. This revolutionary lawn care system not only feeds your lawn but is the only program on the market that feeds your soil. Current products on the market continue to deal with only the… Read more »