House Painting in Massachusetts: What You Need to DIY

House Painting MassachusettsWith the weather warming up and sun finally starting to shine through here in New England, you’ll undoubtedly be spending more time outdoors. If you’ve noticed some wear and tear in your outdoor living spaces, it might be time to do some painting and staining! Sure, there are plenty of services offering deck staining, pool finishing, and house painting in Massachusetts but why not save yourself some money and do it yourself?

The experts at Richmond Hardware, your local Braintree MA hardware store, are here to help! Below you’ll find information on everything you need to take on your beginning-of-summer exterior improvements:

Choosing the Perfect Color

The first step in any exterior paint project is picking the right exterior color.  At Richmond Hardware and Paint we staff our paint department with the very best color experts around. Just ask and they will be happy to help you make it happen. Our suggestion is to always make sure you try your colors before committing to them. Colors have a tendency to appear different outside in natural lighting than they do inside. At Richmond Hardware and Paint we offer Benjamin Moore 16 oz. color samples so you can make sure that “right” color is truly the one.

Picking the Right Paint

After choosing your perfect color, the next step is to choose the perfect paint.  We carry the complete line of Benjamin Moore exterior products which are known throughout the industry for its ease of application, long-lasting durability, and unmatched beauty.  We offer many different choices in finishes from an extremely durable stain or flat paint, a low-luster sheen for the body to an elegant soft gloss for your trim and doors. For those who desire the very best in paint, we carry Aura by Benjamin Moore. The most long lasting paint on the market today. This high build product hides minor imperfections and features Benjamin’s Moore exclusive color-lock technology guaranteeing that your special color will last for years and years.

House Painting Supply Checklist

  • Large paint brushes
  • Paint rollers with extended pole handles
  • Ladder
  • Paint
    • While there are many different paints available, Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of quality exterior paints such as Aura, High Build Regal Select, Moorguard, Moorglo, and Moorlife. Ask an expert at Richmond Hardware to find one that suits your specific purposes best.
  • Paint sprayer (optional)
  • 1x 5-gallon bucket per paint color
  • Sandpaper
    • All sand paper is not created equal. New Festool hand sand paper, in stock at Richmond Hardware, cuts faster and lasts longer than conventional sandpaper. The backing is not brittle so it can also be easily folded without losing aggregate.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloths and sheeting
  • Wood filler and putty knives

House Painting Preparation

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint that needs to be removed

After you’ve gotten all your supplies, the next step in the process is to ensure that your home is prepared properly to accept the new coat of paint. Any peeling, flaking, chipping or rotted surfaces should be removed prior to painting. A good quality Hyde or Bahco scraper will make the job easier and will produce better results. After removing any peeling or loose paint, the next step is to smooth and feather the edges for a better appearance and to lessen the chance of paint failure in the future. We recommend our new line of sandpaper from the renowned Festool Company. This sandpaper will last longer and works faster saving you both time and money.  Any wood surface that has minor damage, should be repaired with exterior wood putty. For rotting wood, we recommend the two component Arbatron system for a great, fast easy fix.

Your home should be thoroughly washed to remove dirt, sanding dust and mildew. Make sure that shutters are removed and windows are closed before starting this process. Benjamin Moore’s exterior house cleaner is a good choice for preparing the surface. Allow surfaces to dry for at least 48 hours before applying primer or paint. A rule of thumb is if your home has 30% or more of bare area on any one side, that the entire side should be primed. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer is an excellent choice to seal the surface and to create a strong bond to the topcoat. If your home has a history of paint failure in a short period of time, we recommend Dura-Prime for those challenging jobs. Dura-Prime has unmatched flexibility and adhesion to ensure that your paint job can last for years and years.

Beginning to Paint

Now, we are ready to topcoat. Benjamin Moore offers many high quality choices for house painting such as Aura, Regal Select Hi-Build and Moorgard. As we mentioned, Aura is the highest quality paint that you can buy. We also offer Benjamin Moore’s exterior Regal Select lines that have great durability, hide and color retention. It’s important to note that using the finest paint with a poor applicator will ensure less than satisfactory results. Richmond Hardware and Paint carries the finest applicators in the industry to make sure that you achieve the best results possible. We carry Corona, Wooster and Purdy, the high-end painting professionals most trusted choices. All these quality paint applicators are proudly made in the USA by leaders in the paint industry.

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Exterior Painting Supplies at Richmond Hardware

We hope this blog has been educational and informative to simplify the painting process and will help you get the desired results on your next exterior painting project. Always remember, the paint experts at Richmond Paint and Hardware are always here to help. At Richmond’s, you aren’t just a customer, you are one of your neighbors.

If you’re planning a project to paint your house or re-seal your deck, stop by Richmond Hardware for all the supplies and professional advice you could need. Located in Braintree, MA, we’ve got everything from painting supplies to power tools, hardware and more!