Lawn Care Tips For Greener Grass and Healthier Soil

Jonathan Green Lawn CareDo you want the best lawn results you’ve ever had? Take some lawn care tips from Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan. This revolutionary lawn care system not only feeds your lawn but is the only program on the market that feeds your soil. Current products on the market continue to deal with only the symptoms, like weeds, insects, and diseases. These inferior products don’t actually deal with, or correct, the problems with the soil like sub-standard seed and poor soil. The New American Lawn system corrects these root problems to nourish and feed the soil.

What does “feeding your soil” mean?
The true difference between Jonathan Green and all other lawn care companies on the market today is that the New American Lawn is a complete fertilizer system that feeds into the soil to create a healthy foundation for your plants, flowers, and lawn. When you feed the soil it creates a biological and chemical “balance” in your soil for long-term, pest-free lawns.

How does it work?
Most people are unaware that feeding your lawn is only one of two key factors in creating a lush, green lawn. Often times, the soil is overlooked – “Out of sight, out of mind,” right? The soil is filled with dense nutrients that are never absorbed by the grass because the soil biology and chemistry has not been activated. The New American Lawn system includes two organic soil-reviving fertilizers – Love Your LawnLove Your Soil and MAG-I-CAL. Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil activates your lawn’s microscopic ecosystem by breaking down trapped nutrients so that your grass can finally absorb it. In addition, this fertilizer creates natural gaps in your soil which allow water and air to penetrate deeper so that roots can grow further. MAG-I-CAL creates the proper pH balance in your soil enables grassroots to absorb more lawn fertilizer. Your fertilizer becomes more effective and reduces the risk of waste while keeping your lawn green.

Don’t forget the seeds!
A lawn is only as good as the grass seed it’s grown from so it’s important to use genetically superior grass seed, such as Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty. This is the same type of grass seed used by leading SOD growers in the United States. Black Beauty grass seed contains a unique mixture of elite varieties designed to withstand the pressures from Mother Nature like heat, drought, disease, and insects.

Don’t let your lawn have another disappointing summer, visit Richmond Hardware and Paint for more information and to purchase Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan.