Preparing for Winter: 7 Winter Supplies for Snow Removal

Man using snowblower in deep snowSnow, and lots of it, is inevitable when living in New England. Last year, Boston accumulated over 40 inches of snow. If you live in Massachusetts, snow and the wintery weather is unavoidable. So how do you prepare? Come to Richmond Hardware and we’ll set you up for success this season. Here’s a list of essential winter supplies to help you when you are preparing for winter this year.

  1. Ice Melt – Ice melt is typically a blend of sodium chloride (salt), magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride. Products like ice melt and rock salt help prevent ice from forming and reduce the chance of slipping when walking outside. If you have pets and kids look for a product that will be safe for them. We like Kissner’s Ice Cutter® and Scotwood’s Excel™ – let us know what you are looking for and we’ll help you select the best product.
  2. Rock Salt – Rock salt is the mineral form of sodium chloride and can be used to reduce ice as well. Using small amounts of salt can melt the ice and the solution that forms, called the brine, flows under the ice to help break up the bond between the ice and the ground beneath and can also create some traction.
  3. Shovels – There are a ton of shovels to choose from but we recommend that you purchase a shovel specific to snow removal. As we all know, not all snow is light and fluffy, sometimes our storms bring in heavy, wet snow. Select a shovel that will be lightweight, easy to hold, and efficient for removing snow. We have three great brands of snow shovels we like to recommend:
    1. Rugg® makes the famous, Back-Saver® shovels that use a bent handle so you actually have to bend less. They also make a variety of snow shovels using a different material handle, depending on what is the most comfortable for you; aluminum, steel, or wood.
    2. Ames Snow Scoops are great for moving bulky materials like grain and much, as well as snow. They are considered a year-round type of shovel so you can use it for gardening throughout the spring and summer as well.
    3. Suncast makes a variety of lightweight Steel Core® and Fiber Core® shovels that featured a comfortable D-grip style handle.
  4. Snow Blower – Sometimes a snow shovel just isn’t going to cut it. Either you’re expecting a blizzard or the amount of area you need to remove snow from is just too much for a shovel. We always recommend the best of the best – the Ariens snow blower. Whether you are looking for home maintenance or professional grade – we have it all at the store. We also stock a variety of Ariens parts to keep your snow blower in tip top condition each year.
  5. Snow Brushes & Ice Scrapers – When driving conditions are poor the only thing that makes it worse is when you are on the road and the car in front of you is having large amounts of snow and ice flying off its roof. Keep your vehicle cleared from snow and ice by storing a car brush with dual ice scraper throughout the winter season. If your vehicle is larger, consider a car brush with a retractable handle that extends to reach up over taller roofs.
  6. Roof Rake – Speaking of roofs, let’s talk about the roof of your home. Be mindful of how much accumulation you are getting. You may want to consider investing into a roof rake to alleviate some of the pressure on your roof from heavy snow and ice.
  7. Water Apparel & Hand Warmers – Of course, with all the snow, it gets pretty chilly out there! Make sure you always have the proper cold weather gear – coat, hat, gloves, etc. We also recommend stashing some hand warmers in your vehicle or having them handy.

Last but not least, our winter supplies list would not be complete if we didn’t recommend keeping hot chocolate on hand. Not only is it the best way to warm up after being out in the cold, but it’s also a nice little reward for all your work. Prepare for winter by visiting our hardware store at 899 Washington Street in Braintree and picking up your snow removal winter essentials.