Stock Up On Swimming Pool Supplies For The Season

children in swimming in clean poolIt’s warming up nicely here in Braintree, Massachusetts and it’s almost time to open up your pool for the season. Come visit our store and purchase all the swimming pool supplies you’ll need this summer to keep your pool clean and safe for your family. If you’re a first-time pool owner and you’re not sure where to start we can make the best recommendations for you.

Have Crystal Clear Swimming Pool Water
We all know that pool care and maintenance is more than simply filling your pool with fresh water each year. When you open your pool each season, make sure all your pool equipment still works, thoroughly clean in and around your pool, and prepare your pool water for use. We recommend the hth® product line to our customers because they offer an easy to follow four-step, color-coded system that makes water treatment easy. Once your pool has been opened your water must be tested and balanced before use.

Step 1: Test & Balance
No one wants to jump into a pool of cloudy, murky water so the very first step is to create crystal clear water to swim and wade in. By testing your pool’s water regularly you can understand it’s current state and common trends which will help you determine how to keep it balanced. Keeping it balanced will help prevent corrosion, water cloudiness, and eye and skin irritations. We recommend using hth® test strips which test for things like free available chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid stabilizer. Once you understand the current levels you should begin by adjusting the pool water’s total alkalinity (TA), this helps to maintain your pH levels; After that is done you will need to adjust the free available chlorine (FAC) and calcium hardness (CH) to its ideal levels. If you have questions about the best levels for your pool, we can help offer you a custom solution.

Step 2: Sanitize
Clean water means it will be safe for the whole family to enjoy. Regular use of a chlorine-based sanitizer controls algae growth and kills bacteria making your pool water sparkling clear so that you can see the bottom. The hth® sanitize products come in a variety of formats like pucks, granules, and mini tabs. Not sure which will work best? Just ask us!

Step 3: Shock Treatments Weekly
As part of your pool’s weekly maintenance this summer we recommend you purchase hth® shock treatment. This will help protect you and your family against bacteria and other organic contaminants. It also gives the water an extra boost of sanitization to remove chlorine that cause eye and skin irritations as well as odors. It’s also important to pay attention to the weather as you’ll want to shock your pool after heavy rain and wind storms or periods of extreme sun. If you notice the water is beginning to look dull or hazy, then it’s a good idea to shock your pool.

Step 4: Prevent Algae with Algaecides
Algae are microscopic organisms that may grow in your pool water and make it turn yellow or green. It’s much easier to prevent algae growth than to remove an existing algae growth problem. Get ahead of any possible issues by treating your pool weekly with a preventative algaecide like hth® super algae guard 60.

When our customers with pools come in for supplies we always recommend hth’s D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) Filter Aid which removes small particles from you pool to help ensure optimum performance from your filter. When your filter is performing well, you’ll have pristine, clear water.

Summers feel short around here so get the most out of the sunny season by enjoying time with family and friends around your swimming pool. If you need more swimming pool supplies like brushes, nets, or filters give us a call to ensure we have them in stock or just stop by and ask one of our friendly salespeople, they would be happy to help.