Electrical & Lighting


Electrical Products

Need to add an outlet or wire a house? Richmond Hardware in Braintree, MA, stocks Romex wire in many sizes and lengths. For electrical repair or expansion, we offer a full line of indoor and outdoor boxes, plugs, repair ends, extension cords, and a complete line of plate covers. We stock basic electrical supplies and professional components alike for your convenience, and we can help with troubleshooting and advice.

Electrical projects can be difficult and downright impossible if you don’t know what you are doing. When you come into Richmond Hardware Paint and Rental our friendly staff can help put your mind at ease with all of your electrical problems

At Richmond Hardware Paint and Rental electrical department carries a long line of electrical supplies for our customers needs.

Lighting Products

If you have a need for lighting, we stock a wide array of lighting products. Our offering includes incandescent bulbs in every size and color, fluorescent tube lighting, compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, flood lights, spot light bulbs, and many other specialty bulbs. Our staff can help you find a replacement for even the most obscure bulb size, and we also carry fixtures, mounting hardware, and more.

Lighting up a room can be more challenging then people think. The right light fixtures can can be essential to the mood in any living space in your home. Lighting has become a reflection of your home’s style and warmth. We here at Richmond Hardware Paint and Rental want the very best for our customers and strive to keep all the best lighting supplies on the shelf. We carry dozens of selections in stock and we can special order too any of the products too!