Revolutionary Lawn Care from Jonathan Green


Did you know that feeding your lawn is only one part of creating and maintaining a lush, green yard? If you’re not feeding your soil as well as your lawn then you’re not getting optimal results. Unlike traditional fertilizers on the market, Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan feeds both your grassy lawn and your nutrient-rich soil.

We carry the full line of Jonathan Green’s “Three-Phase” Lawn Food Program as well as additional Jonathan Green fertilizers and lawn supplies. Learn more about this unique lawn care system below.

Feed Your Lawn, Revive Your Soil
Naturally, your soil is filled with abundant nutrients but often many of those nutrients are not absorbed by the grass because the soil biology and chemistry has not been activated. Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan corrects this problem with two organic fertilizers.

  1. Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil – feeds your soil biology and activates its microscopic ecosystem and breaks down trapped nutrients so that they can be absorbed by the grassroots.
  • MAG-I-CAL – feeds your soil chemistry to create proper balance enabling grassroots to absorb much more lawn fertilizer which makes your fertilizer more effective and keeps your lawn green.

Revolutionizing Lawn Care
Used by leading SOD growers across the country, genetically superior Black Beauty grass seed creates a lawn full of grass that:

  • Is deep rooted, can grow up to 4 feet deep.
  • Exhibits an invisible waxy coating that wards off disease and locks in moisture.
  • Is dark green, lush, and uniform.
  • Grows well in both the sun as well as the shade.
  • Is endophyte-bred for natural insect resistance.

Taking Care of Your Lawn  is “As Easy as USA
Feeding your soil with The New American Lawn is easy:

U – Use genetically superior Black Beauty Grass Seeds
S – Stop soil compaction and stimulate microbes with Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil
A – Adjust your soil’s pH with MAG-I-CAL

The New American Lawn Plan Program Wheel
Take the guesswork out of your lawn care, here’s a plan that will finally work! Lawn fertilizers alone do virtually nothing to feed the soil. Healthy soil is the foundation for all great plants and lawns. Using Jonathan Green’s elite product line, here’s the plan for creating a rich, green lawn while seeding in the fall.

Early Spring (March/April)

  • Apply Crabgrass Preventer plus Green-up to feed the lawn and provide season-long crabgrass prevention
  • Apply MAG-I-CAL to balance your soil’s pH on the same day.

Late Spring (May/June)

  • Apply Weed & Feed to feed the lawn and kill over 250 broadleaf weeds like dandelions, chickweed, clover, and oxalis. Applying Weed & Feed to a wet lawn (early morning is ideal) and do no water after for 48 hours.

Summer (July/August)

  • Apply Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil to feed the soil and stimulate its biology. Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil activates the soil microbes so that they break down “idle” nutrients in the soil. It also loosens hard soil for deeper root growth.

Fall (September/October)

  • Apply Winter Survival to feed the law and help prepare it for the long, harsh winter lying ahead. If you’re seeding in the fall, apply Winter Survival immediately after applying grass seed.

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