Plumbing & Heating

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Richmond Hardware in Braintree, MA, supplies fittings and repair parts for plumbing and heating and we carry black iron, galvanized, and PVC pipe from 1/2“ to 4”, as well as copper pipe and fittings. If you need to fix your toilet, tub, or faucet, Richmond is sure to have the repair part you need. Our knowledgeable staff can help with any plumbing concerns and help you find the right product.

Everyone says the heart of the home is the kitchen but what would it be without a sink or the bathroom without a shower? Plumbing issues will arise and Richmond Hardware Paint and Rental has just what you need for a solution to your plumbing needs.

Not only do we carry all the plumbing standards, fixtures, and accessories by brands we are experts in plumbing projects and can offer you the help you are looking for with all of your needs!

Plumbing problems? Plumbing projects? Richmond Hardware Paint and Rental has aisles of hose, PVC, copper, CPVC water line, galvanized pipe, black iron pipe and brass fittings, sump pumps, water heaters and parts, torches and more.


Richmond stocks all the heating supplies you’re likely to need for any job and can help with concerns regarding maintenance, installation, and more. Richmond has you covered whether you need a new programmable thermostat, fireplace screen, or weather stripping.

Contact us at Richmond Hardware today to ask about our selection of plumbing and heating supplies, or request an in-home consultation!