Seasonal Hardware and Tools


Richmond Hardware and Paint carries a large assortment of hardware and tools for every season. Being located in Braintree, Massachusetts we need supplies for all four seasons. That’s why we carry everything from snow blowers in the winter to air conditioners in the summer and everything in between. Stop in and visit our hardware store or browse our product selection online. Be sure to check out our blog for new and upcoming seasonal sales, review our current coupons and special offers, and download our current flyer.

Fall Supplies – Early fall is a great time to plant grass seed. Late fall is the time to prepare your lawn for the winter. You’ll find the appropriate seed, fertilizer, lime as well as leaf bags, rakes and blowers to clean up your yard and ready it for winter. This is also a great time for home or fence painting or touch up with our Ben Moore and California premium outdoor paint. Fall is also a great time to stain your house or deck. We carry weather stripping and window treatments to seal the heat in your home. Fall is a perfect time to make sure your home is lit with the latest energy saving LED light bulbs and light timers. And don’t forget to change out your smoke alarm batteries once a year each fall.

Winter Supplies – As the weather gets colder in the north we all prepare our homes to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. We carry weather stripping and window treatments to seal the heat into your home. Throughout the winter we’ll offer a variety of space heating and home heating options, even wood stove and fireplace accessories. Of course, ensuring your driveway and walkway are clear of snow and safe to walk on, we’ll have on hand shovels, rock salt, snow blowers, and plow accessories. Prior to the holidays, our customers will also find a large assortment of lights and lighting products that could cover the needs of both commercial properties and residential homes.

Spring Supplies – Winter seems to last forever in the northeast and we know how important enjoying time outside is to our customers. Throughout the spring season, you can find a huge assortment of seeds for your garden as well as grass seed, mulch, garden hoses, and hose accessories. We also provide a few brands of grills, including Weber grills, grill accessories, and coolers so that our customers can maximize the time they are able to spend outdoors.

Summer Supplies – When summer really heats up, visit our store to purchase your sprinklers, pool supplies, air conditioners, and fans. Don’t let those annoying bugs put a damper on your outdoor fun, purchase a few insect control products for your outside spaces.