Lawn and Garden Supplies for Summer

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  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer
  • Hoses & Sprinklers
  • Grills
  • Weber Grills
  • Weber Grill Accessories
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Air Conditioners
  • Fans
  • Pool Supplies
  • Pool Chemicals

As northerners, we really enjoy the summer months and fully take advantage of all that the season has to offer. After a being cooped up in our homes (for what feels like half the year!) and summer finally rolls around we’re ready to be outside as much as possible. Whether you putting in flower beds or want the best pool supplies on the market, Richmond Hardware and Paint has all the tools, paint, lawn and garden supplies you will need to complete your summer to-do list.

Keep Your Grass Greener

Not only do we carry grass seed and mulch but we also offer an assortment of hoses and sprinklers to ensure your grass doesn’t get dry or burnt and your grounds and gardens stay hydrated. Visit our Lawn and Garden page for a listing of our fertilizers, seeds, hoses, and watering tools.

Be the Grill Master With the Mostest

There is no better smell in the summer than of your neighbor (or better yet, you) grilling dinner. In our store, we sell grills, specifically Weber grills as well as Weber grill accessories. Ask our associates in the store to help you select the right grill for your space and intended use and we’ll be happy to help you. For more information on outdoor living supplies, visit our Lawn and Garden page.

It’s Hot Outside – It Doesn’t Mean Your House Needs to Be

Though we take full advantage of the outdoors in the summer, sometimes you do need to escape inside to cool down. We stock an assortment of air conditioners and home fans that will offer you solace from the heat and humidity outside. Learn more about our preferred air conditioners and fans on our website.

Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear

By far, the best way to cool down in the summertime is by taking a dip in the lake or in a pool. We carry a full line of pool supplies and have staff on hand to help answer any of your pool problems. If your water is dull and hazy – we can help. If your water is green – we can help! Learn more about proper pool care and the supplies you’ll need on our website.

Visit our Lawn and Garden page for more information about our hardware products, power equipment, stick tools, hand tools and wheelbarrows. We carry just about everything you will need for your summer landscaping, gardening, outdoor maintenance, and entertaining at our Braintree, Massachusetts store location.