Lamp Repair

lamp repair

Instead of scrapping a broken or damaged lamp, let the experts at Richmond Hardware repair your fixture. Many times homeowners discard beautiful luminaires because they either do not know how to fix them themselves or simply do not know where to bring the lights to get repaired. At Richmond Hardware, Paint and Rental we will do our best to mend and replace any broken or damaged parts of your lamp.


Our skilled staff members realize that many of these fixtures are antiques and are virtually irreplaceable. Knowing this, we take great pride, precision and care when handling each unique lamp brought into our store. Instead of scrapping your lamp, bring it in to Richmond Hardware to fix. We replace cords, install new wiring and replace sockets and plugs. Come to Richmond’s first for lamp repair; we’ll save you time and money!

So if you find yourself in need of lamp repair, contact Richmond Hardware today about finding a time to come into our hardware store in Braintree to meet with one of our skilled lamp repairing specialists. Call us at 866-854-7289 or stop in today during any of our regular business hours.